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Without Support


Ván Records / Soulfood


Joyless had its out spring from Forgotten Woods in 1996. A change was needed. Away from “the true”.
Joyless was born and released two albums, a 10” EP and two split 7” EPs. We got in contact with Van and went active again in 2009 with the release of 3 split EPs. It has been 10 years of silence since our last fullenght. A long time. But sometimes necessary. Our upcoming album contains 11 honest songs reflecting these years. Joyless is a minimalistic, direct and thruth seeking band. Enjoy it or not. Musical influences range from the 60ties to present. Our driving force is reality.


Olav Berland: Rhythm and lead guitars, drums, bass, banjo and vocals
Nylon: Lead and rhythm guitars, bass, harmonica, keyboard, banjo and vocals
Ida Hellebø: Lead Vocals


"Unlimited Hate" - album 1996
"split with Apokryphus" - ep 1997
"Blue In The Face" - ep 1999
"Wisdom & Arrogance" - album 2000
"split w. WOI" - ep 2005
"Wild Signs Of The Endtimes" - compilation 2009
"split w. Bethlehem" - ep 2009
"split w. Urfaust" - ep 2009
"split w. Dekadent Aesthetics" - ep 2009
"Without Support" - album 2011