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Beyond The Veil


Cruz Del Sur Music


England’s finest HM band returns with its best album ever! 70 minutes of grandiose Folk/Medieval-inspired metal! “Beyond the Veil” represents DARK FOREST’s peak of creativity, the zenith of a process begun in 2009 with the release of their self-titled debut album.

If their last album “The Awakening” was a sort of “rite of passage”, “Beyond the Veil” is the one of their maturity. The band seems to have found the perfect balance between the classic twin-guitars heavy metal and the elements of folklore, tradition and medieval melodies that have always permeated its sound, making the final production shine as never before.

The tie between DARK FOREST and the lore of their land is authentic and it’s expressed with a mature and poetic lyrical content. A big credit in this process must be given to Josh Winard (ex Wytch Hazel) whose performance sounds dramatically solid.

Not a single second of this glorious album is a filler as DARK FOREST have really gave it their all. They created a winning team with long time artistic producer Ajeet Gill and acclaimed artist Duncan Storr (Skyclad, Rage, Elixir) who enthusiastically got on board with his passionate and amazing work.
“Beyond the Veil” compact disc edition comes with 16-page booklet including more original artwork from Duncan Storr, while the vinyl is released in a luxurious gatefold edition including an A2 poster.


1. On The Edge Of Twilight
2. Where The Arrow Falls
3. Autumn's Crown
4. Blackthorn
5. Lunantishee
6. The Wild Hunt
7. Earthbound
8. The Undying Flame
9. Mên-An-Tol
10. Beyond The Veil
11. Ellylldan
12. The Lore Of The Land


Fear Dearg (EP - 2007)
Phantoms of the Sea ( EP-2007)
Dark Forest (CD/LP- 2009)
Defender (EP - 2009)
Dawn Of Infinity (CD/LP -2011)
The Awakening (CD/LP - 2014)
Beyond the Veil (CD/DLP - 2016


Josh Winnard: Vocals
Christian Horton: Guitar
Patrick Jenkins: Guitar
Paul Thompson: Bass
Adam Sidaway: Drums

the hard side of life
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